The Vaccinated and Humanity

Merry Christmas everyone from Willesden Green, London.

After a night of rain we’ve got a grey day on a very green landscape. I’m grateful my husband arrived home safely yesterday; he’s sleeping soundly with his body clock in limbo after travel across 16 time zones in five days.

In this world where disruption has become the norm, please take a moment to consider how you can halp those around you. As we are learning with the coranvirus variants, the failure to inform, educate and share vaccines and the research supporting them is creating an ‘underclass’ of people where the unvacinated fall ill and affect those around them. Boosters verus variants, a race of science versus social class, poverty, ignorance, and dare i say disregard for humanity.

There are acts of human kindness and sharing abundant in this underground station: a library set up near the exit gates. Leave or collect books for reading - there is a singificant daily turnover, and it is not just about taking what’s there. Local residents are contributing. When i tripped and fell on uneven pavement just outside the station, several passersby and the florist in the tiny shop just to the right of the entrance jumped in to assist, collecting my bag and crutch and helping me to stand up. And for those waiting on the platform, there are lovely gardens in extra space on either side tending by volunteers.

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